People React As DNA Crises Keep Breaking Homes

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In recent times, one of the major topical issues has become the idea of running a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) tests and it’s outcome, following it’s high cost and the consequences that may ensue if there is a breach of trust in relationships, especially marriage.

One of the victims of such experiences is Odatey Lamptey, an ex Ghanaian international.

The outcome of this is that, his supposed three children are not his.

This incredible revelation has broken his marriage with his ex-wife, Gloria Appiah.

Appiah in turn sued for Lamptey’s house to be given to her as a compensation, she however, lost the appeal.

Many people have been saying a lot concerning DNA tests, some are of the opinion that it is necessary since women can no longer be trusted, while some still kick against it, on the ground that it is expensive and could subject the children to emotional trauma.

On this note, the question for our esteemed readers is, do you think DNA test should be encouraged or discouraged, or its cost made more affordable?

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