Being A Father To A Woman Is A Function In Marriage

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By Mathias Luka Agbu

When a woman marries, she simply changes her father; as such, she must marry a man who is worthy to be her father. This is the symbolic meaning of a father giving her daughters hand in marriage. It is the formal transfer of fatherhood.

What was her father to her before he gives her out to you? He provides and protect her. He cares for her. She find comforts and security in him.

Being a father is not based on sex as a male but based on function as a man.

That’s why a “boy” has no right to marry. That’s why the only person who has the right to marry is someone who has already grown to the state of a father. To grow up to the state of the father means that a man himself can be a father to his wife.

Imagine the situation where a daughter has grown up in her family. Her parents gave her everything in life that they could: provided her with shelter and food, brought her up, taught, guarded and

protected her. Then you appears and wants to take her from her parents, from the source of her protection. She

has known her parents all her life; she knows that they can be trusted, and she bears their name. But here you come, and say: leave your family and marry me! Think about the responsibility!

She is not marrying you to share your RESPONSIBILITY with you. It is not a 50/50 arrangement in terms of responsibility.

You have to look at your wife as a person you need to take care of, who you need to protect, how a father cares for his daughter. This is the responsibility, which God requires of you, as a man.

The man is the foundation of the home and the society. The Foundation provides stability to a house. If the Foundation is faulty it will affect our society. My passion is to inspire and inform our young Jukun men to rise up to their responsibilities so that we can preserve our society.

God bless.

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