Blasphemies Are Becoming Rampant And The Government Will Do All It Can To Contain It – Ganduje

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The governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje has stressed that blasphemy is becoming the order of the day and the government will continue to work with relevant authorities to keep it at bay.

This he said yesterday while emphasizing that he will endorse the execution of Yahya’s death sentence once it is time.

According to him, the governor of the state has to endorse once the judgement is upheld.

He explained that the convict has 30 days to appeal to a higher court, and if he fails to do that after the said time the judgement stands.

He also stressed that if the higher courts up to the supreme court upholds the judgement then the execution will be carried out.

Meanwhile, other Islamic scholars have backed up the governor to sign it, stressing that the sharia law is to be obeyed.

The governor also emphasized that he has respect for both the sharia law and the Nigerian constitution.

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