Chelsea Acquires More High Profile Signatures

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The landlords of Stamford bridge, Chelsea football club have agreed a two-year deal with the longest team captain of PSG, Thiago Silver.

The 35-year old who just lost Champions’ league to Bayern explained that the UCL final was going to be his last match for the Paris side, as his contract with them has run out.

In addition, Chelsea have agreed to 50 million pounds deal with Leicester City for Ben Chilwel and 90 million pounds with Bayer Leverkusen for Kai Havertz.

Recall that Bayern Munich won the Champions’ league with a 100% record, having won all their matches which none else has ever done, though the covid19 outbreak made them play 11 games instead of the conventional 13, which UEFA president explained that they may adopt in future.

Davies Alphonso also became the first Canadian to win the trophy, while Spain continue in their European dominance since 2000 as the only country to have at least one of her clubs in a European competition final for 16 times and winning all.

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