Defend Yourselves Against Killer Herdsmen, Bandits’ Attacks If Government Fails To Defend You, Kaigama Tells Nigerians

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If government fails to protect you from herdsmen and bandits’ attacks you must defend yourselves to prevent such an undesirable and barbaric act, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama said this while speaking to newsmen in Abuja.

The Archbishop, however, called for dialogue, justice and reconciliation.

Meanwhile, he urged the government to do more to protect the people from criminal elements seeking death and destruction. Kaigama, who spoke in Abuja at a press conference to mark his 62nd birthday celebration, weekend, blamed the social unrest and the insecurity affecting the nation on injustice.

According to the Bishop, “Killing human beings is an unlawful act. It is a grievous sin and totally ungodly.

It’s so sad the way we kill in this county. It does not portray the country in good light. “I am sad that the killings have not stopped. I am not sure enough is being done at all levels to bring these killings to a comprehensive stop.

The Bishop further said, “Unjust attacks call for self-defence. This is in line with theological principles. It is naivety to sit back and be killed because you’re a man of peace.

“We don’t encourage attacking people for no just cause but you can defend yourself. Above all, we urge dialogue and reconciliation.”

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