More Revelations Against Inspector Peter Ibah

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As the rape allegation against Inspector Ibah by Queen, the 23-year old widow we earlier reported about continues to go through series of investigations, the commuter driver whose car the lady boarded has given his own account of the incidence.

The Punch Newspaper reported that the driver’s name is Lucky.

Lucky explained that the policemen who held them at a checkpoint were three in number, according to him, they arrested Queen because she didn’t have facemask, even though he (the driver) had given her one.

The driver further explained that he, along with other passengers, pleaded for Queen’s release but the policemen threatened to shoot at his tires should he continue pleading.

He explained that as the cops didn’t give listening ear to their plea, they eventually left.

Meanwhile, the Inspector later took Queen to the hotel where the incidence took place.

Recall that while the lady allegedly claimed she was raped, the policeman insists that they had a consensual fun.

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