The Tales Of The Underdogs

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The 2019/2020 UEFA champions league is almost over but the lessons and revelations from it won’t be forgotten soon.

Though plagued and partly distorted by the outbreak of COVID 19, yet it has shown that with determination and resilience nothing is impossible.

Serge Gnabry was never believed to be anything that could be considered worthy of the round leather game.

Today, after several failed attempts at the premiership, he is a hero, his brace last night helped to seal their place in the final.

What about Davies, his teammate who just made his debut this season, do not forget Lyon’s captain, Memphis.

All of these, including Di Maria, never enjoyed their stints at the premiership.

Meanwhile, Leipzig defeating Atletico Madrid and Lyon sending both Juventus and Manchester city parking is beyond human reasoning.

Today, I wish to urge you, dare the impossible and the unimaginable, you never can tell what you could achieve with resilience and determination.

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