Are You Searching For Scholarship Opportunities To Study Abroad? Here Is A Good Companion For You

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Scholarship search involves preparation, application and passing through the stages involved to win it and excel through the process for traveling abroad. Consequently, it is pertinent to master the techniques involved to strategise on effective approaches towards winning the appropriate one(s). To help scholarship seekers to unlock several overseas scholarships, the concept of getting prepared in advanced is introduced in the book.

The book explained points to bear in mind and strategies on how to successfully achieve them. Although there are many things to consider while seeking for a scholarship, the scope of this book covers the following points:

  1. How to be Ready for Scholarship Application: The “getting all set in advance” approach. The required credentials and resources are mentioned, and how to acquire them and where, are also explained.
  2. Choice of Study Destination: An insight on how best a candidate should choose a suitable study destination according to their hobby, health, professionalism, financial strength, etc. and factors to consider.
  3. Positioning Yourself as a Better Scholarship Candidate: Also, there are achievements which boost the chances of a scholarship applicant to win the funding award(s).
  4. Sailing through the Scholarship Aptitude Test/Interview, Visa Interview: The book exposed the secrets on how scholarship and VISA interviews are conducted. What an applicant need to know about the way some listed scholarship interviews are conducted and how these interviews are generally done. Some reasons why candidates are denied VISA despite winning a scholarship/university admission.
  5. Compendium of Well-known Overseas Scholarships which Nigerians are eligible to apply: 23 overseas scholarships listed and basic information about them given. Online platforms for tracking similar awards were given because not all scholarship advertisements are regular and new ones due emerge. There are also scholarships which are only gained when a candidate go through education agents.

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