Gospel Trend Poll Result of the Week

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Pointers Radio Jalingo conducted her 6th edition of FAVORITE GOSPEL SONGS OF THE WEEK in one of her programmes tagged GOSPEL TREND.

A total of 687 gospel songs were nominated by our listeners through the poll on our website and other social media platforms of Pointers Radio Jalingo, 5 songs emerged top on the list and were thus selected as the top 5.

Gagara Misali by Alpha, Rike Hanuna by Williams Felix, Ubana by El”kul9ice, Ikon Allah by Andrew S. Oguntoye, Girma na ka ne by Emmanuel Sobok

The top 5 songs passed through the poll to contest for the most favorite gospel song of the week and the outcome can be seen in the chart below.

Total Vote Cast – 29,291

  1. Rike Hanuna by Williams Felix –   12,093                      – 45.0%
  2. Ikon Allah by Andrew S. Oguntoye – 12,084                 – 42.9%
  3. Gagara Misali by Alpha – 3,221                                     – 4.9%
  4. Girma na ka ne by Emmanuel Sobok – 3,219               – 4.6%
  5. Ubana by El”kul9ice – 1,895                                        – 2.6%  According to the chart above, Rike Hanuna By Williams Felix have polled the highest votes and is hereby declared the winner of the contest and stand to get all the prices and the benefits attached to the winning price.

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