Missing Makeup Artist Found Dead

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Last night, some Facebook groups were inundated with the picture of a missing makeup artist.

According to reports, Ijeoma Neke, an Enugu-based makeup artist, was called for a contract, though she was not given an exact location.

The reports stated that she was told to come over to a popular bus stop in Enugu called EBS.

She reportedly suspected foul play and texted the number that called her to her brother.

All these were said to be happening on Wednesday, and on Friday, both her number and that of the caller had been switched off.

Last night around 10 pm, many people took to their Facebook page to express worries, especially as efforts made to reach the police all through proved abortive.

Today, the remains of Ijeoma is said to have been seen.

Meanwhile, this is another case of abduction and murder case of a makeup artist within the last three months.

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