Sen. Dr. Emmanuel Bwacha CON Presents a Breathtaking Motion

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Senator Dr. Emmanuel Bwacha CON, the senate Deputy Minority Leader has presented a motion on the spate of growing insecurity in Nigeria.

According to the law maker, the rate of insecurity in Nigeria has not only increased astronomically but has reached a Melting Point.
This Challenge Manifest in varied forms, eg. Kidnapping, banditry, armed Robbery, assassination and a host of other criminal activities.
The assassination of the Nasarawa state APC Chairman and the other high profile cases are still fresh in our memories. A Chinese national was recently abducted in my community, his where about is still unknown.

Worried…… That is growing suspicion of complicity of the officials of the state saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties of the citizens, but compromised in the process.
This is heightened by arrest of several security operative involved in armed robbery and kidnapping activities across the Country.
It is only in Nigeria that Communication facilities can be used without a biometric process, no valid identification of passport details (in the case of foreigners) in place of check abuse.

Bandits, terrorism negotiate for ransom using telephones and getting aways with it. How can we be so negligent and insensitive to the safety and security of our country?

Senate is Concerned……. That the confidence between the protected and the protector is being increasingly eroded resulting to the breakdown of law and order as demonstrated in the Endsars protest which was subsequently hijacked by miscreants.

Further note…… That Political permutations across the landscape is attracting politicians to recruit criminals for the purpose of destabilising the corporate existence of Nigeria.
These evil intents can be easily achieved given the poor control over Communication facilities Viz inability of our security apparatus and service providers to effectively manage this all important sector.

Accordingly resolves as follows.

1. That the Senate setup an ad-hoc committee to interface with.
A. Ministry of communications
B. Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC)
C. All service Providers for a lasting solution to the collapsed security architecture.

Senator Emmanuel Bwacha CON
Deputy Minority senate leader.
Thank you sir may God bless and keep you, you are indeed a Nigerian.

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