Treatment Turns Death Sentence; Two School Children Dead

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A bizarre situation has just been witnessed in Ondo state, where what is supposed to be a treatment has become a death sentence.

At St Joseph’s African Church in Abeokuta, children were given drugs for de-worming, as the state targets de-worming about 700,000 children.

Things turn out bad, as two children from the school who took the drug yesterday just died today at a hospital, after incessant stooling. The duo, aged 8 and 9 who were in Basic 2 and 4 respectively, and live around the same neighborhood reportedly developed the diarrhoea, as complications from the drug given to them in school.

Meanwhile, a team of health official from the state’s ministry of health has visited the families; however, the leader of the team, Dr Festus Soyinka, has dispelled the claim that the drug was the cause, stating that over 200 pupils took the same drug without any bad news.

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