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Timothy Musa is the forth child of a family of seven, born 30th Oct, 1984. At a village called Miango, Bassa local government Plateau State. Which happens to be his place of origin.
He is a born again Christian that believes in Trinity, the Bible as the inspired word of God.
He is a fine & applied artist at the same time a Pastor. Both by call and training.

According to him, “I started music at very tender age by joining a church band 1997. In Mubi LGA, Adamawa State. In my quest to learn more I met with some of my friends, formed a band called brothers in Lord, we were like mind’s almost the same age, we ministered powerfully live at different events to the glory of God.
In 2002. The group scattered due to the fact that some of us gained admission to study at different higher institutions of learning.
In 2004 we formed another group, The Christ Ambassadors comprising John Joseph Ochebi, Ezekiel Joseph and Timothy Musa myself. (JET) as we were addressed. That same year we organized a concert on 30th Oct, which happens to be my birthday and a launch of our first Gospel album on 31st Oct, titled YI LURA.
In 2010 when I began to realize myself very well, my vision and mission even though not very clear, I discovered I was good at some particular kind of music so, I decided to start a movement call REALITY REGGAE REVIVAL with Mr. Tims and the Real Band. We hosted our first reggae concert in 2011 at LCCN 1 Mubi. By the grace of God we recorded thousands of people in attendance, from there, the concert became a yearly event up to date at different venues and cities, the spark of the light spread around especially Adamawa state, some churches and individuals do it every year celebrating Jesus through reggae. I give God the glory about that.
I produce my first solo album 2012. Titled BISHARA by God’s grace from then there’s been a lot of testimonies from that album.
In 2014. I was set to release the 2nd album titled TRUE CHRISTIAN when the BOKO HARAM invaded Mubi just 3 days to the event. But to God’s glory it was lunched in Jos 2017. Recorded 21 songs by God’s grace, featured more than 10 songs
Finally I was privileged to be part of the first ever peace song video that brought together prominent Gospel music ministers across the country and beyond.

My passion for Christ is without measure, I only pray you will be blessed listening to my piece.

To encourage Christ centered creativity among Christian’s by being natural in reality, to see possibilities in Christianity.
To preach the gospel of peace, love which is Jesus and the message of faith to all man kind through the grace of God…
…With God all things are possible…
Matthew 19:26b.

Call:- Possibilities
Answer:- In Reality
All:- God’s Reality!

Aim and Objectives
1. To help the up coming generation have the right perception, motives with clear understanding towards worship
2. To create a Plartform were individuals with diverse gifts and talent can come together in harmony with their unique styles of music in reality
3. To preach the gospel in a simpler way that everyone can understand and have access to God’s Realities

Contact= 07034231984
Facebook=Timothy Musa
Twitter=@Timothy Musa

Thanks to every one who has made this song the most favorite for the week on Pointers Radio via your votes. God bless you all. Thanks also to Pointers Radio for the good work.

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