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If you are reading this, it means you made it into the New Year. Congratulations and welcome to 2021.

And so, it is New Year. That time of the year when people have made and are still making so many resolutions and decisions. Some of these “New Year Resolutions” are perfunctory while others are borne out of deep desire to do and be better. Well, for me, every day is New Year to make new life-changing resolutions and be a better me.
Regardless of how you launched into the year 2021 and the various resolutions you have made or written down, know that nothing will change without you being intentional and deliberate. In his book ‘The 5 AM Club’, Robin Sharma said: “Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by the application. The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions”. I therefore add, don’t just make resolutions, but live out the resolutions one day at a time.
As we journey this New Year, permit me to share with you five things I strongly believe if you include them in your backpack they will not only guide you in your journey for this year but your entire lifetime. These were initially shared to me by a wise man I hold in high esteem a few days before we launched into the year 2021. I hope they add value to your life as we adventure into the heart of the New Year.
In this age that we are addicted to distraction, especially technology, as you travel this year and the entire course of your life, be focused. Stay and remain focus on your life’s goals. When you are focused, you channel your concentration and efforts on a particular course of action until accomplished. Being focused saves you from needless distractions. Once you take your eyes off your life’s purpose, all you will see is distractions. Staying focused protects your creativity and remaining focus expedites your productivity. To finish this year on a high note, being focused is not an option.
Sadly, ours is an anti-commitment generation. We all want the benefits that come with commitment but not the responsibilities and the price we have to pay. Truth is, there is no worthwhile achievement without a deep sense of commitment. As you travel this year, learn the art of commitment. Be loyal to yourself, family and friends. Be devoted to the tasks ahead of you. Be dedicated to the path you have marked out for yourself. Give credence to time and conscious effort and above all, be meticulous enough not to give chance a chance. Simply be committed.
Due diligence and hard work
There is no quick-fix to life; everything goes through the process of making. In this New Year and the entire course of your life, exercise due diligence, it will save you and those that are looking up to you from harm. While you work hard. Leave no stone unturned to give in your best. Robin Sharma added again that: “One who sweats more in training bleeds less in war”. Working hard may be demanding, but be diligent, it will pay in due time. For whosoever is diligent in his work, will serve before kings and not mere men.
Persistence and consistency
We are too familiar with these twin words that their real essence often elude us. These words are two sides of the same coin. Most often, we persist to get things we are not ready to sustain and keep through consistency. Persistence keeps you in the game, consistency wins you the trophy. In the year 2021, don’t just persist in all things and at all times, but be consistent with all things and through all times. In your journey of persistent, remember to carry consistency along as a souvenir.
From the experience of last year, you must have known firsthand the importance of perseverance and doggedness. For those that will scale through life unscarred even amidst several scratches and injuries, stick-to-itiveness must keep them company at all times. This helps you to be patient with yourself, with others, and situations especially the unpleasant ones you cannot change. Some people often walk out and give up on life at the slightest provocation because they cannot remain on course in the heat of the fight. For you to finish strong, let stick-to-itiveness lead you.
Note: For all these to work, you need discipline, without which living them out will be a facade. Don’t just set goals, smash them as well. To do this, discipline is your potent weapon. Hence, it safe for me to say, your backpack should be branded with discipline.
Nobody could have imagined that 2020 would turn out the way it did. It will be a fallacy to say with certainty how 2021 will pan out either. We can at best hope for the best and equally prepare for the worse. However, it turns out, set your mind to face everything headlong knowing that your past experiences have prepared you for it. Before we travel far into the New Year, what is the content of the backpack you have carried for the year? Can they ensure the safety of your ingenuity, creativity, productivity and relevance? Check again before you carry on.
Regardless of the victuals, you have made for the journey, do well to add these to your backpack: focus, commitment, due diligence and hard work, persistence and consistency, and stick-to-itiveness. Trust me, you need them as you dive into the year and as events unfold. Brace yourself up for an exciting year.

Guteng Walnshak Solomon

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